Accountability Promise

So what is this accountability promise?

When I first started to feel that God was calling me to start writing for a Christ centered women’s blog, I was excited, nervous, and my mind started to go in every direction.

“What will I talk about?”   “What if they don’t like me?!”   “Who am I to start talking to other women about the gospel?”   “What if my own selfish pride gets in the way?” 

That last question was one that really stuck with me for quite some time, because I am a sinner in need of grace. I knew that putting myself out there would in some way, shape, or form effect the state of my pride. I refused to put down a date and continued to go to God , saying I am not ready for this. You have given me more than I can handle. Months went by and I had made some progress here and there, but nothing set in stone.

The great part about this process for me was during this time God started to put me in situations where all of these questions would start to be answered.

“What will I talk about?”: well there are a lot of things that women have to go through in order to follow me wholeheartedly, lets grow you in some of those areas. 

“What if they don’t like me?!”: where are you seeking approval? in the world and in man, or are you seeking me and the kingdom of God in all that you do?

“Who am I to start talking to other women about the gospel?”: let me get you into a community of women who can show you what that looks like, and I am going to have you lead young women in high school and junior high to stretch you. 

“What if my own selfish pride gets in the way?” :I am going to continue to show you the depths of your sin and give you people who can keep you accountable in those areas. I will show you what it means to boast in my name and not your own. 

I find it imperative to make sure that my readers know that I am going to have accountability when it comes to running this blog. If in any way SAJ becomes more about me and less about Christ I will take a step back, and go to God wholeheartedly. I will not boast in my name, but I will boast in Jesus’s name. My purest intentions with SAJ is to glorify God and the work he is doing in my life, a mere sinner who is in need of grace.