Meet Melanie


Hey there,  Lady Friends!

I am Melanie .  I am 24 years old and married to my best friend Jose!melanieaboutmesaj2

I am a Photography Lover. Forest Wanderer. Chatter Box. Coffee Snob. & Deeply in need of Jesus.

This world is a crazy place and to live as a Christian woman can be so difficult. This blog is a place where Jesus’s truth, love, and community come into unison.It is a place where my life will become open and honest and will bring my struggles and victories. A place where I pray you as a reader will find comfort and encouragement to know that you are not alone and there are women out there who are walking this beautiful path that Christ has made for us.

I hope for us to be friends . sisters . goofballs . and vulnerable.

I believe John 14:6 that says Jesus is “the way, the truth, and the life.” I believe that God’s word is living truth and he is alive today as he was over thousands of years ago.I believe that I need to pick up my cross daily and that daily sanctification is beautiful as it is painful.

Thanks for stopping by SAJ. 

Feel free to shoot me an email with any questions or just to chat!

♥ Melanie