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Why The Women’s March Isn’t For Me

January 24, 2017

While watching the Women’s March online today I sat in awe of the many scenes and signs that flashed before my eyes.

“ The bad guy shouldn’t win.”

“ I will not go back quietly to the 50’s.”

“ I will not be silent.”

“ Love Trumps hate.

“ I am a woman hear me roar.”

So much pain leading to anger leading to pain leading to anger leading to pain leading to “I have had enough.”

I sat in amazement as speaker after speaker came on the stage to speak about inequality, body ownership, freedom of choice, and breaking the glass ceiling. What spoke to me the most is that through all of the shouting and speeches, the thing that rang mosts in my ears is the fact that people are in pain. Pain is leading these movements because what else do we do when we are angry? We shout at the top of our lungs, or we bottle it up until we shout at the top of our lungs. Either way pain will come out and in this case in a maddening fury.

The past several months have unleashed a monster feminist movement that is taking the world by storm. Women are fed up.

As I watched the masses of pink hats and admittedly, chuckle worthy signs pasted on my computer screen. I found myself getting angry, is not the human emotion a powerful thing?

I started to think about the many times a man had called me out on the street, and the uncomfortable quicken in my step not sure if my safety was compromised. I thought about my disdain for the ever popular social media snapchat. Remembering sitting with my boyfriend (now husband) and opening up the app only to realize a guy I considered a friend sent me a nude shot and my anger rose as it was something that I could not unsee. I thought back to high school when I played softball, and how I always felt pressure to put a bow in my hair and wear some form of makeup. Due to the time I got called a dyke (because of course all softball players bat on the other team right?)

As my anger grew I quickly gained control, because the reality is this: my present situation as a young woman in this world is not my ultimate and eternal reality.  I again found myself in awe, this time not of the wild words found on signs, and angry speeches for all to hear.

I found myself deeply in awe of the characteristics of God, the one who guards my safety, the one who lifted me up in his righteous hands, the one who did not just die for men of this world but died for women. The God that could have chosen any way to bring himself down to this earth, BUT CHOSE to create himself and deliver himself in the womb of a woman.

Proverbs 31:25 ESV Strength and dignity are her clothing, and she laughs at the time to come.

Matthew 5:28 ESV But I say to you that everyone who looks at a woman with lustful intent has already committed adultery with her in his heart.

Proverbs 31:26 ESV She opens her mouth with wisdom, and the teaching of kindness is on her tongue.

Galatians 3:28 ESV There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is no male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.

There is so much scripture found in The Bible that gives rich and solid evidence as to why we as women are called beloved. If you are confused and thinking “ yeah right, doesn’t The Bible tell women to submit to their husbands and something about being quiet?” Yes it does, and I as a woman am not threatened. Why? Because context is is crucial and words don’t mean anything unless you know the context. Guess what? The actual context of those passages have been ripped apart by so many people sadly never knowing the full context of those words.

( this is a whole other blog post though, maybe I will do a follow up! )

The Women’s March of 2017 is certainly an opportunity, and it gives us as people the ability to have space to think for ourselves.

As a result, my final thought is this: The Women’s March Is Not For Me

I choose this because for me personally the Women’s March only touches on half of the story.

The March for me, keeps me in a box of anger casting judgment, fear that my life will be threatened at any point, pain from questioning my external and internal self, and the overwhelming need to prove myself.

Freedom is the other half of the story, and is ultimately what we are seeking.

I have found mine in Christ knowing how he has specifically designed me as a woman, how the knowledge of his sovereign will ultimately protects me, and how my hope is found in someone so much greater than any government official, passed law, or worldwide movement.

To all you women out there,

You are awesome.

Hang in there.

You have a beautiful opportunity here on this earth as women.

You were made with a purpose.

You are beautifully and wonderfully made.

Don’t ever give up. Keep going.

God is with you until the very end.

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  • Reply Erin @ Momma's Living Room February 7, 2017 at 2:29 pm

    I loved that line, “Freedom is the other half of the story, and is ultimately what we are seeking.” There’s so much truth in that statement, especially with the marches in mind. Thank you for this. I think you have put words to what’s been on my heart with regards to these marches.

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